Kimba, thank you for your energy, thoughtfulness and spirit.   You led the ceremony with such poise, charm and warmth.  You created an inviting space for Dan and I to share our vows with each other and invited the guests to take part in our memorable day.  We are so grateful for your guidance.


Janis and Daniel

Kimba was incredibly generous, accommodating and professional. We first met Kimba via Skype whilst we were on holidays in France. Punctual and articulate, we could tell  in the first 5 mins that she was passionate about her work. Her enthusiasm bubbled, however she carefully  listened to what we were saying about our vision for the ceremony. We booked her in immediately!
We were really lucky to work with someone like Kimba. She was open to collaborating with us to make the event special and unique, her approach was very generous. I am a performing artist and Fergus is an event manager and we both had some ambitious ideas about how the ceremony would play out. One part of this was that we would write our own vows and share them with one another for the first time during the ceremony. Kimba’s support was integral to us realising this dream. Kimba held a safe and supported place for us and we both sent her our vows drafts via email and she helped us to ensure that the vows were complimentary and that we were both properly prepared and ready to speak them to one another with the help of some cue cards she kindly made and provided for us on the day.
Kimba also came to our home, (twice!) to see where we would be married, and she listened to all our ramblings of excitement like an old friend. She was great on the day. Her kind countenance, bright eyes and soothing and commanding voice, all helped so much to create the space as she welcomed guests and sung precious melodies. We feel very lucky.
Gulsen & Fergus

Kimba supported us to create a marriage ceremony that we could connect to and which allowed our personalities as individuals and as a couple to shine through. We wanted to take ownership of our wedding ceremony and Kimba gave us the freedom to do so, but with great advice, support, and humour. She welcomed our guests and helped them to really be present, all 200 plus of them! Kimba is clearly called to do this work, and she does it with great care and a sense of fun.

Deanne and Ben