For those who seek to wed privately, quietly, to really hear the hum that says ‘You are the one….

Weddings are often a huge palaver. There, I said it! Much as I adore the public ceremony and the gathering of nearest and dearest, I have also seen the complications, the bargaining. Sometimes people find that their special day is co-opted by so many competing ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’. They want to run away and whisper their vows to each other in a distant meadow, under the oak tree, on top of a skyscraper, by someone’s sick bed, on a windy bluff overlooking the sea.

I am here to help you elope, and do things your way. If you want to marry quietly and privately, I’d be honoured to assist. Your wedding, your way. To find out about the legal and ceremonial elements, take a look here.

Contact me to discuss fees and requirements for elopements.