As you birth the child you also birth the mother, sung into being by your circle of women, sung down the lines of your ancestry by the grandmothers. You are honoured for your willingness to open to new life…


It’s so common to hear of ‘baby showers’ where women gather to excitedly  celebrate the imminent arrival of a new baby; gifts for the baby are given, and  the mother-to-be is often regaled with tales from the frontlines of birth. What  is often forgotten in these modern rites is that it is this vessel of life that  should be celebrated! The precious mother to be must gather her courage to  open to birth, to change her entire world, yet again. She must mark these last  days of pregnancy always waiting, often questioning, and must sit with many  huge feelings.



The blessingway is a ritual and celebration that harks back to earlier days, when the special and almost magical state of pregnancy was revered. Here    before us is a woman growing a new life! Here is a woman who is putting aside  many obstacles and fears to nurture her lineage; she is an image of fecundity,  health, selflessness, of life itself!

Blessingways are special because they honour the mother-to-be. They also  honour her circle of women, and the focus is on sharing positive messages  around birth and the woman’s ability to transform as a mother; whether for  the first time or as yet another iteration of her maternal self.

The format can vary according to the woman’s culture, personality and spiritual background, her personal circumstances and so on, but generally it involves:

  • The woman’s close friends and family helping to decorate a comfortable space in a beautiful way
  • Her circle of friends joining her in the space, bringing a plate of delicious food to share
  • Sitting in circle and offering blessings, either reading them out loud, or placing them in the center with a bead or candle
  • Pampering the mother by tending to her, massaging her or waiting upon her; making her feel amazing
  • Other ceremonies may include applying henna to the woman’s belly, making a necklace of the beads her friends have bought, or other rituals that hold meaning for the mother

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